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Last Looks Grooming beard oil review ThatMetalGuy1983

“Very Unique. Very Different. You’ll Love It!” | Last Looks Grooming Beard Oil Review From ThatMetalGuy1983

Today we have a new review from Stephen, known on YouTube as ThatMetalGuy1983.

Stephen reviews our products in The Family line and the Live Deliciously line, both from our Cinema Series collection. He also highlights the Buttered Popcorn beard oil from our Concession Series collection.

About the Live Deliciously beard oil, Stephen says:

"I normally don’t like woodsy type scents, but this is different. The way it comes together; the leather permeates, then I get the amber, then I get some oud, and then I get some hay. I don’t know what a New England forest smells like, but all I can tell you is the scent is awesome! It is very unique. Very different. I highly recommend it. You’ll love it!"

As for the general feel and scent duration of all the Last Looks Beard oils, Stephen says:

"Great feel in beard. Great scent duration. I put it in at night and I still smell it in the morning, even if I’ve got it in for eight hours."

Stephen recommends picking up The Family beard oil, beard balm, and beard butter bundle.

Watch the review here:


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