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"Really, really nice scent!" | Last Looks Grooming beard oil unboxing by Spartan Marriott Beard Reviews

Today we have a new unboxing video on YouTube from Spartan Marriott beard reviews, who, in his first unboxing video of 2020, shows us a peak of The Family beard oil and beard butter, inspired by the film The Godfather.

Starting off, Spartan shows us The Family beard oil, saying:

"The one I went for, because I heard so much about it, was The Family, whose scent profile is cigar, bourbon, and oranges. The scent on this one really appealed to me because I like cigar, I like bourbon, and I thought it was a bit of a twist with orange in it."

He goes on to say:

"That's a nice scent! It's a nice clean looking bottle."

Opening The Family beard butter, Spartan says:

"Really, really nice scent! The texture of the butter looks nice. The color is nice. That's awesome. I'm really pleased. I really like the labels."

Spartan also shows off a sample vial of What The Cuss beard oil inspired by the film Fantastic Mr. Fox before wrapping up the video.

Watch Spartan Marriott's full unboxing video below:

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