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Root Beer Beard Butter

Last Looks Concession Series

In the 2009 cult-film sleeper hit Big Fan, an inconsolable Paul (played by the always-funny Patton Oswald) lays on the couch in lament while his best friend Sal (played by the omnipresent Kevin Corrigan) attempts to entice him to drink a beverage better than Mountain Dew ("alien piss"). And what does he offer Paul? Root beer, of course! "It's like ... earth's first beverage."


Scent Profile:

  • A sweet, subtle spice & rich vanilla of a root beer soda


Like all Last Looks beard butters, this product is:

  • Paraben-free
  • Not tested on animals
  • Cruelty free & vegan
  • Handcrafted with cold-pressed & unrefined oils in Hollywood, California.


      Usage instructions:

      Scoop a dime-size amount of butter into your palm. Rub the butter thoroughly between your hands and massage it into your beard and face. Best used daily, preferably in the evening before bed, to keep your skin hydrated and your beard hair soft, strong, and healthy.

      Each 2 oz. jar of beard butter contains the following nutrient rich butter & oils:

      Organic Naturally Refined Shea Butter
      Fractionated Coconut Oil
      Hempseed Oil
      Avocado Oil
      Sweet Almond oil
      Jojoba Oil
      Apricot Kernel Oil
      Castor Oil
      Grape Seed Oil
      Rice Bran Oil
      Premium Grade Essential & Fragrance Oils


      100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

      If you are not completely satisfied with any of our products, return it within 1 year from the date of purchase for a no-questions-asked replacement of any other scent. Offer valid 1 time per order.
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