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About Us

Hi, I'm Michael! I'm an actor living in Los Angeles, and I am completely obsessed with movies. I started Last Looks Grooming Company in 2019 because I found myself daydreaming what it would be like to exist fully-immersed in the worlds of my favorite films and TV shows. What does it smell like to catch the breeze coming through the trees of Twin Peaks while standing in the parking lot of the Double R Diner? What is the scent in the air in the ring of Raging Bull? What is that hanging in the frosty air in the fields of The Revenant among the falling snow and musket smoke?

We Care About High Quality Products

It matters what you put on your face. High quality ingredients make for healthy skin. Also of our products are made with premium grade cold-pressed, unrefined oils. All of our fragrances are made using only the highest quality skin-safe fragrance and essential oils. We have spent countless months formulating the perfect ratios of each carrier oil until we have found the perfect blend that applies easily and feels light on the skin without leaving your face greasy.

We Care About The Environment

All of our products here at Last Looks Grooming Company are all-natural and handcrafted in small batches in the heart of Hollywood, California. All of our ingredients and materials are sourced from the United States. We pick up our product packaging materials each week from a supplier in our neighborhood, and we get our product packaging from a small business within our regional area.

We Care About All Beings

You can rest assured knowing that all of products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and never tested on animals. We use absolutely no animal products or by-products in anything we make. We are certainly not hippies here, but at the risk of sounding just a bit far-out, we truly believe that no amount of suffering is an acceptable amount of suffering. That's why we do not use any materials or ingredients that involve the use of animals-as-property. That's right, even our beard balm is free of beeswax. However, that being said, we are adamantly against the idea of offering subpar products simply to fill in gaps in the vegan market. We believe that if vegan beard balm could not reach the same quality as its traditional counterpart, then it simply should not exist. Luckily, though, we have spent nearly a year of testing and development with dozens of plant-based waxes until we found the perfect blend of ingredients to create a vegan beard balm that feels & performs exactly the same as non-vegan beard balm.

We Care About You

At the end of the day, this is about making a product that you will love. If you have purchased something from us that you are not 100% satisfied with, contact us and we will make it right. We don't want you to be stuck with something you don't like, so we will do our best to replace or refund the product.

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