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Scent Profiles


Our Cinema Series is a wholly unique collection of beard products that are each inspired by the scenes and settings of our favorite films and television series. They will make you feel like you are right there among the characters, living in the world of the film. We release new Cinema Series scents monthly. Currently they are available in beard oils, beard balms, beard butters, as well as various bundle configurations.

Black Lodge - Inspired by the series Twin Peaks

  • Washington Forest
  • Black Coffee
  • Cherry Pie


The Family - Inspired by the film The Godfather

  • Cigar
  • Bourbon
  • Oranges


Live Deliciously - Inspired by the film The Witch

  • New England Forest
  • Oud Woud
  • Leather
  • Amber
  • Hay


    What The Cuss - Inspired by the film Fantastic Mr. Fox

    • Farmer Bean's Apple Cider
    • Blueberries
    • Grass
    • Tree
    • A burning Whackbat pinecone



    Our Concession Series is a collection of beard products that will bring your senses back to the movie theater lobby. These are true-to-name scents that smell exactly like the real thing. We release new Concession Series scents every 4-6 weeks. Currently, they are available as beard oils.

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